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Project Credits

A short list of Jimmy McKenzie's Publishing Credits.
TALL ESL Magazine (2004-2007). Creative Director and Production. (ISSN: 1718-3677)

TALL ESL Magazine Publication

Pro-Stretch Carpet Installation System (2007-2012) DVD (ISBN: 978-0-9781285-6-2)

Pro-Stretch Commercial Video/Stills Imaging

4 editions of University ESL instructional material from 1998-2002

Adventures in English ESL Textbook

First Novel Length Work 1996
Out From Under
First Novel Length Work 1996
This was my first novel length work that I wrote in 1996 shortly after completing my University degree. In many ways I looked at this as both a opportunity to express what I learned during my degree but also as a direct counterpoint to the critical theory based literary analysis that we were exposed to as undergrads.
Breathing Busan 1998
Breathing Busan
Breathing Busan 1998
I wrote this novel while I was living and working in South Korea. I began the novel while living in the exclusive Haeundae beach area of Busan (formerly Pusan). It was a perspective altering period of my life that was also punctuated by a great deal of creativity.
South Korea: A Photographic Journey
Experimenting with the Visual
South Korea: A Photographic Journey
Join photographer James McKenzie as he documents life in South Korea during the tumultuous restructuring period of the late 1990’s.